Sunday, 7 February 2016

Bad Poetry

I'm going to write a poem.
This is the second line.
I don't feel it's going very well
But I'm sure it'll end up fine. 

This is the second stanza:
A verse, or paragraph.
Now I just need to find a rhyme,
Something, something, big giraffe.

Oh boy! That's blown it!
Still, you really have to laugh.
You simply cannot end a verse
With a phrase like big giraffe.

I've done it again! What a twit.
It really isn't cool.
I must google how to write these things
Or go to poet's school.

Another verse now. Let's make it good.
The best that I can write.
If I really really really try
I'm sure to get it right.

Oh dear. The word I used
At the end to that line two. 
Sounded the same as line four.
I hate that, how 'bout you?

Just one good verse and I'll be happy.
One bit that doesn't go wrong.
One good stanza for me to end it,
But this last line has ended by up being far too long.

I'm going to end this poem now.
I've messed up the whole thing totally.
I've got to try and accept the fact
That I can only write bad poetry.

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