Saturday, 9 January 2016

The Honeydragon

The Honeydragon's a fearsome beast
Its nose points west when its legs walk east
Its skin is a purple shade of brown
It runs up debts all over town

The 3 terrible horns upon its head
Fills the bravest cow with dread
Its eyes are the most shocking pink
It's breath isn't fiery but sure does stink

12 people this year have been eaten
The dragon's tough scales just can't be beaten
Swords and lances have all been tried
It said they'd work, but of course it lied

Its evil rampage just keeps on growing
Will it end? There's just no knowing
It's smashed up grocers and department stores
And caused more damage than several wars

It crushes buildings with jumps and hops
Except for Waitrose where it shops
It throws cars around with it's tail
"Help us! Help us!" people wail

It really is a so and so
But how to stop it? I think I know
You see the Honeydragon is a one and only
It's got no others. It's just so lonely

The way to make the havoc end
Is to be nice and be it's friend
Don't take your sword and try to poke it
Cuddle it, kiss it, pat it, stroke it

Buy it biscuits and give it cake
And any puddings you can bake
If you were to treat it in my way
It'll be a harmless pet by late Friday

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