Saturday, 7 January 2017

Jen, Erik, and Doug

Page 1

Jenny the mouse is walking along looking bored.

I feel bored.” Said Jenny.

Page 2

Jenny is looking under leaves on a bush.

I feel lucky.”

Page 3

She finds a berry.

I feel happy!”

Page 4

She pulls and pulls.

I feel strong!”

Page 5

Jenny manages to pull the berry off. It flies off and she takes a tumble.


Page 6

She is exhausted but happy and sitting near the berry. We see a tortoise come into view.

I feel exhausted.” Said Jenny. “And I feel proud.”

Page 7

The tortoise treads on the berry.


Page 8

Jenny is sad.

Oops!” Said Doug. “I feel guilty.”

Page 9

Doug hugs Jenny.

I feel sad.” Said Jenny.

I feel sad as well.” Said Doug.

Page 10

A snake slithers into view.

I feel curious.” Said Erik.

Page 11

We're both feeling sad.” Said Doug to Erik.

Page 12

I feel hungry.” Said Erik.

Page 13

Doug hides in his shell.

I feel safe.” Said Doug.

Page 14

Jenny tries to get in Doug's shell.

I feel Jealous.” Said Jenny.

Page 15

Erik gets closer.

I feel scared!” Said Jenny.

Page 16

Erik starts to open his mouth.

I feel...”

Page 17

Erik swallows Jenny.

...full!” Said Erik.

Page 18

Doug comes out of his shell. There is a lump in Erik's middle.

I feel angry.” Said Doug.

Page 19

I feel embarrassed.” Said Erik.

Page 20
I'm feeling... for a handle.” Said Jenny.

Page 21

We feel confused.” Said Erik and Doug.

Page 22.

Jenny opens a door in the middle of Erik and steps out.

I feel relieved.” Said Jenny.

Page 23

I feel very sorry.” Said Erik.

Page 24

Doug and Jenny hug Erik.

I feel...forgiving” Said Jenny.

The End.

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