Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Death By Chocolate

I have chocolate for my breakfast
Instead of having toast.
I have a bar on Sunday
Rather than having roast.
I eat chocolate every day.
I eat the stuff for lunch.
I suck it rather slowly
As I've got no teeth to crunch.
For dinner I have chocolate
As a soup or stew.
I once weighed only 13 stone
But now I'm 32.
I eat chocolate between my meals
As a tasty little snack.
Maltesers or maybe Milky May,
The jumbo family pack.
What I'd like to try,
If it does no harm
Is to melt some down then inject it
Straight into my arm.
I'd like to find another fan
That I could make my wife
But the doctor told me that next week
will be the last week of my life.

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